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The National Quilt Museum Annual Benefit Auction

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"The National Quilt Museum (in Paducah KY) works to bring the work of today's quilter to new and expanding audiences worldwide. It promotes the quilting community through exhibits, education, and advocacy efforts. The Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that receives over 80% of its funding through the generosity of the quilting community. The Annual Benefit Auction is the Museum's largest annual fundraiser.

To participate in this auction go to www.quiltmuseum.org/Auction. All residence of the United States can bid and win items.

Items in the auction have been donated by quilters, quilt guilds, companies, and individuals passionate about quilting. All money raised will go to the Museum." 

Please take a look at the beautiful items (quilt kits, gift baskets, etc. as well as finished quilts) coming up for auction and spread the word of the auction to your non-quilting friends who might be interested.  The auction is 'live' now!