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Help us find these stolen quilts

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Yesterday I was mad as hell. Today--well, I'm still mad, but am thinking a bit more clearly. So I've decided to offer a $1000 reward to whoever facilitates the return of my stolen quilts. (to see all of them, check out my photo album titled "What the Thieves Stole). These are two of the quilts. They all have labels on them and were stolen from my studio in Bakersfield, CA some time between 5:00 PM Friday 7/25 and 9:00 AM Monday 7/28. Contact me via FB or call me at 661-487-2344 if you know the whereabouts of my precious quilts. 

Click here to see Nancy Rink's facebook page and more information  https://www.facebook.com/nancy.rink.7?hc_location=...

Here are two of the quilts stolen.